Poster Award of the DGPP

The DGPP annualy awards the best poster presentation for the DGPP-meeting (€ 250). Chair of the jury is Priv.-Doz. Dr. Rainer Schönweiler. All authors are advised to respect the underlying review criteria when preparing a poster for the annual meeting. The award will be celebrated during the final session of the annual meeting.


The Annelie-Frohn-Award is a private fund which is dedicated to outstanding science in the field of speech-, language-, and hearing-research. Particulary, it supplies efforts in the field of infant hearing and speech-language development, including prevention, treatment of related diseases or impairment, and life quality.
The "Annelie-Frohn-Award " (€ 5,000) will be given either to honour an outstanding work that has been actually published or as an initial support grant for a planned scientific study. Proposals will be approved by a committee of selected experts in Phoniatrics & Pedaudiology. Also, the donator of the award, Dr. Frohn, will be involved.
Please submit your proposal until April 30 to the president of the DGPP. Please prepare your work as a paperback-print, accomplished by a covering letter to the president. For further information, please contact the DGPP board secretary.

Award of the Geers-Foundation 2008

For an outstanding contribution in the field of underlying causes, early identification and remediation of hearing loss, including the fitting of hearing aids, specifically in children, the Geers-Foundation will award a fund of € 15,000 to a single researcher or a scientific work-group. Deadline: November 1, 2007.
For further information please contact the Geers-Foundation (a member of the "Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft"), Barkhovenallee 1, D-45239 Essen.

(Translation by R.S.)